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In the early days of Peloton  

The Winter of 2015  

On the Tuesday morning Rock Rides 

Or the Sunday morning themes  


A group of men began to gather 
To ride with their favorite spin coach 
With her truck driver mouth and 70s hair bands 
She was someone you could easily approach


The rides would go on to change the lives  

of the men that followed her closely  

Many pounds were lost and strong friendships emerged 

For this we are grateful mostly 


The men would gather as often as they could  

At the studio on west 23rd street 

Or when visiting a town where one of them lived  

always a wonderful treat (like Janet's cookies)  


If you don't already know the identity

of the teacher we are talking about
Just hop on your bike at 10 AM (EST) Sundays

and we think that you'll figure it out.
The Queen of Rock with the gift of gab,

our favorite instructor is Jenn 
And the people you see on the pages herein

are proudly the group called JennsMenn!


Throughout the pandemic we gathered

on zoom calls every Wednesday night
To talk and laugh about all that was good

and all that this bike provides
We started to think about what we could do

to give back to the Peloton family 
We've created this fund to support charity rides

run by members of the JSSTribe 

To end this verse without mentioning Howie

would definitely be remiss 
One of the good ones - a Decent Human

who left us before his time 
Howie is one of the founders

of this group we call JennsMenn 
And through this foundation we honor him

and his exceptional ability to rhyme

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